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The Blackmoor Society (“TBS”) is a growing group of role-playing game enthusiasts who combine the thrill of the gaming convention experience with the enjoyment and fun of Virtual Tabletop gaming (VTT gaming).

Players who join TBS not only have the opportunity to gather with other virtual tabletop players from around the world, but also get the chance to still participate in the conventions they love, but are unable to attend.

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Some of the benefits of joining The Blackmoor Society are:

  • Free Loot from our sponsors just for playing the games you love!
  • Substantial discounts from those same sponsors in our TBS store
  • Get an exciting peek into the conventions we are invited to attend – TsunamiCon, GenghisCon, KoboldCon, Midwest Gamefest, and counting!
  • Access to content normally reserved for Conventions – whether it is DDAL, Pathfinder Society, ShadowRun official play, or TBS Adventure Series
  • Join a group of like-minded players who enjoy the awesome benefits of VTT gameplay
  • The opportunity to help develop the brand new land of Seripha – where the Agents of Blackmoor are based – your input and feedback shapes setting!

About The Blackmoor Agents
Welcome to The Blackmoor Society (“TBS”), an organization of adventurers and protectors set in the ever developing land of Eryphir – a world imagined by Matt “KC Rift” Everhart, but created by you, the players.

The arcanepunk land of Eryphir is filled with medieval fantasy tropes as well as modern to semi-modern technical wonders. Together, hand-in-hand, the marvels of science and the wonders of magic blend together to create a truly fantastical world.

As this setting develops, with your help, the creations that come to life will rival those of the modern age in which we all live. Capture and manipulate information in your hand-held aetheryn, send messages across vast distances through the ethergraph, or glide across the countryside in your driftshaw. Magic and technology blending together make for amazing creations – improving the lives of those around the world in unbelievable ways – but it also holds a darker side, one which many would take advantage of and use against the people and against the Crown. As Agents of The Blackmoor Society, you are responsible for protecting Eryphir and the Crown – the royal family – from these oft times abominable amalgamations of magic and technology. Together, with other Blackmoor Agents, you form the bastion against the ever-present darkness threatening the world.